Bedsore Compensation

Bedsore Compensation

What is a Bedsore? Is one kind of a wound which appears on a patient’s body when he exerts too much pressure over a particular part of the body for an extended period of time. As a result, blood flow to that area is minimized causing  sores to appear. These sores are due to the damage to that part of the skin, which is in constant touch with the bed for a long period of time. A balanced and healthy diet will help the patient heal faster. Even exercises can help for a fast recovery.

What is Diabetes?  Is the loss of the capacity of the pancreas to produce enough insulin to digest sugar. In that case, the blood sugar level shoots up more than the required rate leading to acute ailments in our body. This condition is caused either due to insufficient quantity of insulin produced by the liver or our body becomes resistant to insulin. In order to reduce the glucose level in our body, the patients inject insulin into their body. This way the patients bring the sugar level under control. The excess sugar levels may lead to loss of eyesight, kidney failure, amputation of several parts of the body or even death.

Do a pre- existing diabetic ulcer leads to bed sore ailment?

 In most of the patients, it is not true. But, yes, if a diabetic patient undergoes a surgery. As an after effect of cardiac surgeries, patients get bed sores. Similar is the case with diabetic patients undergoing limb amputations. After a surgery,  there are increased chances of these patients contracting bed sore diseases. Of late, a lot of people get affected by these pressure ulcers because of diabetes. If the world organizations really thrive to control this disease, the initial step is to find out who are all prone to  pressure ulcers because of diabetes. 

If we think a little harder we will come to know the reason why post -surgical patients get bed sores. They have to rest in a particular position for long hours that they get it so often. Other probable factors may depend on the number of surgeries a patient undergoes, the number of hours the patient is in the operation theatre Etc. Foot ulcers can happen due to an exertion of pressure on the feet. The foot ulceration most often results in the amputation in diabetic patients.

How to help diabetic patients recover from pressure ulcers with minimum risk?

1. Asking the patients or helping them to change positions at frequent intervals as per the advice of a medical practitioner.

2. Identifying the patients who are more likely to get a bed sore.

3. Surgical removal of dead tissues or sores from the body. It will help the patient to recover soon.

4. Initiate an  early treatment to prevent worsening of the disease.

5. Give mental and physical support for these patients.

6. If the wounds don’t respond to the treatment, start a cellular therapy. It will help patient to recover faster.

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